What is Verticality?

Verticality is like coming home.

Remember the feeling you have during and just after meditation, that state when you feel empowered, composed, insightful, inspired, at peace with yourself, your world, the world?

It is then your chakras are vertical, perfectly placed down your central channel, aligned and attuned to the Eternal Life Force Energy. Trees, plants, animals, new born babies all have a vertical energy system.

Our chakras aren’t supposed to be horizontal, projecting out of our bodies like shields or acting like vacuums and sucking in energy.

To understand this further we need to know that as energy descends from the Source it is stepped down at different stages, densifying as it comes closer to manifesting in the material realms. This process also applies to the energy we receive and needs to be processed by each chakra which acts like an interface to process this energy still further until it reaches our base chakra.

This cannot happen if our chakras are horizontal and are pulling energy directly into them.

Our energy systems were designed so that energy flows through us in a continuous flow, not broken up, some being drawn in through one chakra, some another, While our systems remain horizontal, drawing in energy from all different angles we remain fragmented with too much emphasis on particular chakras which is why some people are too much in their heads or their hearts or become obsessed with root chakra issues.

Verticality not only describes the positioning of the chakras but also comes from the word vertex, meaning the highest point, which is also what we are striving to achieve, the highest and best we can be.

Many spiritual adepts, seekers of truth, attain this verticalisation but avoid contact with the outside world in order not to be thrown off balance, but for us, living in the real world, this is not possible and we need a way to maintain this alignment while continuing to live our lives.

In my work I have always striven to assist people to reach their highest potential, be that in health or whatever they are searching for, while remaining fully in life and often in quite difficult surroundings and circumstances.

The temptation is to think that withdrawing from the pollution and influences of our fast and disposable world, the chaos, will enable us to be who we want to be a whole lot easier.

This may or may not be true though the people I deal with on a daily basis have lives, jobs and families that can enhance and enrich their journey, making it even more satisfying, creating even bigger opportunities to learn about and, explore themselves in greater depth.

Verticalise your chakras at home with my revolutionary system.

Tachyon Energy and the Environment

Geopathic stress, emanations from underground, such as radon, electromagnetic fields in the environment, all these add to the stress our bodies are under daily.

Tachyon Energy helps protect from these distortions to the natural energy field in two ways, one by creating a coherent field and secondly by filling the body with so much energy that it is possible to stay aligned even when open to the strongest of these influences.

Geopathic Stress is natural radiation that rises up through the earth and can be distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by underground running water, particular concentrations of minerals and by many fault lines and cavities. The natural waes and emanations from the earth are generally supporting to life though the problem lies with this distortion caused by modern electrical equipment, sub-stations and mobile phone masts.

Many theories have been put forward as to how geopathic stress interferes with our systems thus causing disease and although there is no conclusive evidence or explanations, some researchers suggest that the rays interfere with the lymphatic system causing weakness in the immune system. All that is known for certain is that geopathic stress DOES affect our health which IS proved by drastically improved health once it has been neutralised or the bed has been moved away from the ray.

Tachyon Energy and Your Body

When Tachyon is used the body naturally takes what it needs for repair and growth and initially there seems to be a detoxification though once this has been achieved the body balances very quickly and energy levels rise.

Meditation is the perfect way to connect to Source Energy and in an ideal world, daily meditation, eating energy rich organic foods, drinking clean energised water and walking in nature every day with a clear heart and mind full of joy would be sufficient to maintain perfect health and well being though in reality this is far from achievable for most of us.

Realistically this is not possible for most of us and in my work I help people maintain their balance and well being while living in the real world and this is where Tachyon Energy comes in as it is possible to still stay well while living under less than optimal conditions.

What is Tachyon Energy?

Tachyon Energy is Source Energy, otherwise known as ch’i. It is the energy that creates worlds containing limitless possibilities and has no structure at the top level i.e. no frequency.

Niels Bohr (1885-1962), the eminent Danish, Nobel Prize winning, physicist said that “Everything we call real is made of things we cannot regard as real” and went on to say that if quantum mechanics does not shock and confuse you then you really haven’t understood it yet.

Quantum physicists now know that only 4% of our universe is describable which means a massive 96% is unaccounted for, and is energy. This opens the way for more understanding and exploration into using this limitless energy to create our own personal world as we want it to be and to improve and maintain our health.

As Tachyon Energy densifies, stepping down through the layers to become matter, it splits into frequencies according to what is being created, and each creation is as individual as a snowflake, or a fingerprint, as Source Energy continues to flow through the entity to nurture and sustain its life. If this flow is interrupted at any level then the layer just below suffers from energy deficiency and eventually becomes sick displaying the associated symptoms of that particular level whether that be mental, emotional or physical.

Ch’i, Source Energy, has been known about for thousands of years in the East and acupuncture seems to be effective by clearing blockages in the energy system to allow ch’i to flow. Channelling Tachyon Energy into the body is a way of overcoming any deficiencies and clears the pathways to allow healing at the source of the problem, not just as a temporary effect.

Meditation is the perfect way to connect to Source Energy and in an ideal world, daily meditation, eating energy rich organic foods, drinking clean energised water and walking in nature every day with a clear heart and mind full of joy would be sufficient to maintain perfect health and well being though in reality this is far from achievable for most of us.

Many alternative therapies and tools, such as crystals, flower and homoeopathic remedies, contain frequencies which, when matched to a deficiency, can have startling healing effects though many find it easier to use Tachyon Energy which does not need any skill in choosing the correct remedy as the body takes what it needs to do the job required.

With our increasing knowledge of the energetic world and how we are affected by the different chaotic energies surrounding us Tachyon Energy is the perfect way to realise true health and well being.

Always be cautious of anyone who tells you there is only one way, there are as many ways as there are stars in the sky to achieve solutions to problems, Tachyon Energy is only one of those ways.

Learn About Tachyon Energy

Tachyon Energy is Life Force Energy and contains all the resources our bodies need for full and complete healing.

Our bodies already channel this energy which sustains us, helps us grow and renew our cells daily. If we lived in a perfect world with pure, uncontaminated food, water, and air, didn’t have to cope with the draining effects of EMFs from electrical equipment, overhead power cables etc. and all worked at what we enjoyed we would have more than adequate amounts of Life Force Energy to keep us healthy and happy. Unfortunately this is not the case and we are constantly being drained by our environment and sub-standard food, water and air. This is responsible for our depletion of energy and why we need to access it in ever larger quantities to give our bodies a chance to right themselves.

As Tachyon Energy is not a frequency we do not need to be careful when we apply it as it cannot push our body out of balance. For example, herbs and homeopathic remedies are frequencies and it is important to choose the right one and not to take them for too long or they can have an adverse effect and push the body out of balance. This cannot happen with Tachyon Energy as the body takes what is needed at any particular moment for healing and returning the organism to balance. When empowered by Tachyon, the body produces its own healing effects. Tachyon Energy is simply the natural catalyst for this self-healing process.

A tachyon is a sub atomic particle that moves faster than the speed of light and is thought to be the fundamental particle of Creation. As it’s not yet possible to measure Tachyon Energy, many consider it to be only theoretical but Tachyon Energy has been utilized since time immemorial and referred to variously as Life Force Energy, prana, ch`i and ki.

Natural materials can now be restructured at the sub molecular level creating permanent, powerful, directional antennae which attract and focus massive amounts of Tachyon Energy.

Tachyon Energy has the potential to provide everyone with the state of balance they need for optimum health and increased longevity. Whenever Tachyon Energy is used on people, animals and plants regenerative changes are consistently noted. When Energy Cells are used directly over a problem area amazingly quick reduction in symptoms is experienced due to the body`s natural utilisation of Tachyon Energy.

The ultimate unlimited energy source is now available to everybody to increase energy and vitality, reducing stress naturally without side effects and returning body, mind and spirit to a state of natural balance. Tachyon Energy has proved extremely effective when used for treating ailments as diverse as arthritis, sports injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, back problems, immune system failure and everyday minor injuries.

Nutrient assimilation is also increased together with the added bonus of protection from EMFs which are constantly draining us, leaving us open to problems associated with a depressed immune system. Tachyon products enhance meditation and increase Reiki Energy flow. For the first time therapeutic amounts of Life Force Energy are available to everyone, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Tachyon Energy is a new paradigm in holistic healing and is the key to living a more harmonious, relaxed, and centred way of life.