Tachyon Energy can best be described as Life Force Energy, the Source Energy, Zero Point Energy, known for thousands of years in many different cultures by as many different names such as Chi, Ch’i and Ki.

Tachyon Energy is not a frequency, but contains all the frequencies within it, so you do not have to be so careful in matching up what is missing from your energy system as your body will take what it needs, whatever frequency or vibration that may be, and then do what it does best with that energy, namely, heal itself.

That’s all we have to do, give our body a usable resource and it does the rest for us. Isn’t that wonderful?

Tachyon Information

What is Verticality?

Verticality is like coming home. Remember the feeling you have during and just after meditation, that state when you feel empowered, composed, insightful, inspired, at peace with yourself, your world, the world? It is then your chakras are vertical, perfectly placed down your central channel, aligned and attuned to the Eternal Life Force Energy. Trees, …

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My name is Nicola Quinn and Tachyon Energy came into my life 20 years ago at a time of great sickness and stress and gave me back a sense of control.

Having Tachyon Energy around is like having my own personal healer, a friend, someone who will give me unconditional attention and help me through the healing process, whatever that may involve.

Tachyon Energy also gives me masses of energy which allows me to do what I do and it also helps me meditate by giving me focus and increased attention which has benefited my health a billion fold.

That’s what I like best about Tachyon, its ability to give me what I want when I want it, energy, relaxation, pain relief, protection and a deep connection to the Source.


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